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Teaching on the Downs

Visit the Teaching on the Downs website

The Schools Out project developed a sustainable educational resource that uses the local landscape and its heritage as a key part of local secondary schools’ education programmes, with a particular emphasis on learning outside the classroom.  In July 2014 we awarded the first section of this project to Future Creative, a local company specialising in creative learning, training and professional development for teachers. 


The Teaching on the Downs website has been designed, with the support of local secondary schools in the Up On The Downs area, to provide a variety of tools to support the delivery of lessons and activities on the Downs of South East Kent. The activities are primarily designed to support the Key Stage 3 curriculum but can of course be amended to suit both primary or Key Stage 4 curriculum.

Whilst the Downs have been used traditionally to teach science and geography, this website has been created to inspire teachers to use the Downs for a wider variety of subjects, including Maths, English, History and Art and in a cross curricular way.

The research and website is now complete and live. There will be an number of sessions and workshops to support teaching staff to get to know the website and the sites across the Downs, giving them opportunities to experience some of the activities on location.


If your school would like to use the excellent, free resources created by this project then vist the Teaching on the Downs website.